Home DIY’s For Busy People

Home DIY’s For Busy People

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Have you ever felt a sense of accomplishment by completing a home “do it yourself” project? If no, is it because you are too busy with other things like work or school? If your answer is yes, then you should continue reading below.

Here are quick but fun home DIY “do it yourself” for busy people like you.

1. Decorative fish bowl

Nemo the fish has been long gone attributed to lack of oxygen in the fish bowl following neglect. No time, right? Busy, right? Well the fish bowl stayed on and has accumulated dusts in one corner of the living room. Turn this into a decoration or a center piece by adding some used ropes or perhaps any used colorful paper or fabric or a combination of both. Place the finished product on the wall shelves or perhaps in the center of the table as your center piece.

2. Kitchen Tablet Stand

Almost everyone has old wooden chopping boards in their homes, right? Find one which is slightly bigger than your tablet. At the back portion, add a vertical stand in the form of an acute angle. At the front bottom, add a ledge to hold your tablet. Then voila, you now have a new DIY tablet stand.

3. Jazzed-up and Cut-out Tees

All of us have used t-shirts stored in closets, most of those are dull and/or boring or out of style. Well, you can change this by jazzing it up with some decorations like fabric paint, sequins and beads, ready-made embroidered patterns, laces, or simply adding colorful buttons.

For summertime, you can cut-out some patterns from these old t-shirts. Not only will it be cooler to wear but also unique and artistic. Just make sure the cut-outs are decent.

4. Metallic decorative candles

It is barely 69 days to Christmas so now is the time to splurge on decors. Find those metallic duct tapes and apply on your boring candles by wrapping around the entire length. You get yourself a set of shining candles.

5. Hand -painted throw pillows

Do you have boring plain throw pillows in the house? Find those and set aside. Get some fabric paint and start adding your designs unto the throw pillows. Make sure to dry properly before using.

6. Spring Flower Beanie

Sew on ready- made fabric flowers to your plain beanie to make a spring flower beanie.

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7. Colorful Ombre Vase

Spray colorful paint on an empty clear bottle for a colorful Ombre Vase. Dry properly then use as flower or plant vase.

8. Dressed-up fabric table cloth

Using fabric paint, apply designs to your plain table cloth. Set aside to dry properly and use as desired.

9. Jazzed-up sweats

With the upcoming cold season, you might want to add designs and colors to your plain sweaters and have those ready for the holidays. Using fabric paint, sequins and beads, laces, and colorful buttons, embed your art on your sweats for a jazzed- upresult. Make sure to set aside for proper drying as necessary.

10. Shutter side table

Convert old weathered shutters to a small side table. Avoid re-painting to maintain its rustic look. Jazz -up the table top with a pot of blooms.

11. Hand -dyed napkins

Ombre dye old linens to light colors and convert those to fresh table napkins.

12. Dressed-up dressers

Glue-in colorful patterned fabrics to your old dressers to spruce up the mood.

It was fun, right? Skipping store bought home items not only saved you some bucks but also pumped -up your sense of accomplishment.

Continue to stand-by for more home DIY’s for busy people like you.